Pro Prim Panisara Khuantham

Pro Prim
Pro Prim
Pro Prim


•Graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University Thailand

•Business Administration Major

•Concentration in Golf Management Program

Work Experience

- Golf Coach at FunFirstGolf  

Golf Coach at Regenesis golf academy 

Golf Coach at CGA north park 

Golf Coach for SNAG golf after school program at St.Andrew International school, Wellington International school, ASB International school


Golf Experience over 10 years

•Over 10 years of Golf Experience

•Thai LPGA Touring Professional-4 years of experience on playing tour (2014-2018)

•Sponsored by Singha

•Qualified to join Singha Pattana Khonkaen elite athletic training program which consisted of:

-Balancing full-time rigorous golf practice&competition schedules while residing with teammates

-Strength & conditioning physical training program by TPI certified coach

-Golf mental and sports psychology education training classes


-Course management and strategic game plan training lesson


Golf Tournament

•Tour Achievements :

  •T7 Singha Huahin Open All-Thailand Golf Tour

  •T9 Singha Championship All-Thailand Golf Tour

  •T2 Singha Betagro All-Thailand Golf Tour (Qualifier)

  •T40 Thai LPGA Rayong Championship 2017

  •Winner of Thai LPGA Black Mountain (Qualifier) 2018


2021 Certificated in The Scott Cowx certified 5.5 instructor training