GEARS Golf uses optical 3D Motion Capture with a high-quality camera to help capture every area of swing and record 360 frames per second, also to be able to capture movements even when moving as 0.2 mm by processing into 3D animation.


The golfer will get to learn golf swing correctly by analyzing your own swing with professionals from PGA, LPGA, and around the world. In addition, we will help the golfer change the swing in the right direction and be able to enjoy more golf on the course.



Give all the swing data and capture every move up to 6 axes  (Rotation, Bend, Side bend, Thrust, Sway, Lift)

GEARS Give all the swing and body data and also give club dates to help the golfer know that they use the right club or the golfer need to change the swing or adjust anything to the golf club.


Development golf swing from efficiency team and specific expertise


Raise the level of Golf Swing Mechanics to help the golfer understand the right way and be able to handle the situation on the course.